THE BIG LAD LIVE - 01/04/22

Published on the 6th of April 2022

We pity the April Fool who misses out on THE BIG LAD in this special 1.5 hour, pure Vinyl mix of Thick n Hard 90s Happy Hardcore.

Originally streamed live via the Well Raver Facebook Page, April 1st 2022.

Recorded by: N.Baker
Edited and Mastered by: L.Paine
Produced by: N. Baker, S. Ball and L.Paine

1: Unspecified
2: Unspecified
3: Unspecified
4: Unspecified
5: Unspecified
6: Unspecified
7: Unspecified
8: Unspecified
9: Unspecified
10: Unspecified
11: Unspecified
12: Unspecified
13: Unspecified
14: Unspecified

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