Well Raver

Well Raver is an Exeter based group that reaches out and engages people with rave music, using music as a means of supporting mental wellbeing and linking people together within a greater community.

We started putting on live events in 2019, achieving four events before Covid-19 hit, so we are now smashing out on-line raves every week! It started off as one person's drive to use his passion for rave to overcome his anxiety condition but it has grown a lot in the past 18 months and now many people are involved in the group.

Well Raver is all about giving hope and confidence to people that there is a route out of anxiety and other mental health illnesses. In the mean time we simply smash out all different genres of rave music, week in, week out.

We are always looking for guest DJ's so PM us if you want to jump on and have a go!

Phluid Vision is proud to host the Well Raver Channel, providing an on-demand catalogue of Well Raver's live streams.

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